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Date :- 24/8/2019

Area :- Oyster College of Physiotherapy Campus

No. of students participated :- 50

No. of teachers participated :- 05

Background :-Plantations of trees is important as they improve the life and fulfill essential needs of mankind. Green trees and plants are life savers as they inhale all the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and exhale oxygen when they prepare their food using photosynthesis. This process has actually kept the balance of different gas compositions in our atmosphere so that nothing will exceed its natural rate.


Increased use of technologies and combustion fuels have considerably increased the carbon content of our surrounding air. But the lack of green trees, who absorbs such carbon gas has caused a massive problem of increased carbon rate in the air. This increase has also negatively affected the oxygen rate we breathe that is exhaled by the tree as well.


Aim and Objective :- Every year students of Oyster College of Physiotherapy participate in the tree plantation drive organized by the students and staff members. The aim of this drive is to encourage the students which are the future of our country the importance of planting trees which leads to an overall development of the students. Also, the students realized the impact of pollution on our environment and how this activity is beneficial.

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