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Students Academic Education Society was established in 1998 with a vision of excellence in Education and service to the student community rendering services through integrated education with skill development along with professional courses. The trust has the concept of Kirat Karo, Naam Japo, Vand Chako on the principals of Guru Nanak Dev ji, i.e. Earn with Honesty, Remember God and help the needful.


The Trust has the following units: 

  • Oyster College of Physiotherapy

  • Oyster English High School - CBSE

  • Oyster English High School – State Board

  • Oyster Institute of Pharmacy

  • Oyster College of Nursing

  • Oyster College of Architecture


Physiotherapy is a health science that deals specifically with disequilibrium that is related to the neuromusculoskeletal system and problems that arise thereof. The fundamental unit of physiotherapy treatment is ‘movement’ – at several levels - gross body level, specific muscle and joint level, and a molecular level. 

Movement exercises used in rehabilitation involve processes that function at the level of nerves, muscles and joints, while the physical modalities used facilitate the body’s healing processes (electrical stimulation, sound waves, electromagnetic waves etc.) induce a movement at a molecular level. Regardless of the level, physiotherapy involves the energising of the body, mind and self and consequent holistic rehabilitation of the patient. 

Physiotherapists are uniquely positioned as clinicians to manage problems arising from the disequilibrium and/or dysfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Their training includes in-depth knowledge of the neuroscience of movement as well as the problems that arise from the pathogenesis of dyskinesia (abnormal movement) and pain. 

Current models of physiotherapy education instil the importance of the scientific methodology of hypothesis testing and the fundamentals of evidence based practice in clinical practice. Towards this end there has been over the years a major thrust towards postgraduate education, research and the development of a scientific data base in physiotherapy and its related fields.

Physiotherapy as a profession in India and around the globe is still in its infancy. As its knowledge base increases, the role and scope of physiotherapy is going to expand across multiple specialities and sub-specialities – from traditional areas of orthopaedics & neurology to paediatrics & gerontology to burns & plastic surgery, and to cutting edge areas of stem cell therapy and organ transplants. Moreover, as access to healthcare increases the need for physiotherapists – both generalists and specialists is going to grow.

The Campus –

The college is located in district of Aurangabad at Warud, Fatehpur on Jalna Road which is now a preferred destination for students to pursue their Professional Education. The distance of college from main city is around 8 km and transportation is provided by college bus where students from different parts of the city can access. It is 5 Km from the Airport and 15 km from Aurangabad Railway Station. The college has well designed administrative office and various other rooms and facilities like common rooms, sports and cultural facilities. The college provides well furnished laboratories with all latest instruments related to Physiotherapy for the students. The class rooms are well furnished and ventilated with overhead projectors in each class room with separate seminar room. In order to ensure overall development of students, the students have all the facilities for games and sports. Adequate infrastructure is provided for indoor and outdoor games and extra-curricular activities. The Human Resource whether the Faculty or Non  Teaching staff is devoted and always available with a cheer.

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