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1. Exercise Therapy Lab

Exercise therapy lab is designed for the students to learn about various exercise protocols, skill development and manual therapy protocols. Various equipment as per the requirement are made available which can be studied and their use is practically demonstrated by the staff. The lab is well furnished and the students can practice comfortably.

 Physiotherapists manages adults and children with wide range of neurological disorders like Hemiplegia, head injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesion, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Hydrocephalous, peripheral nerve lesions, muscular dystrophy etc. Effective treatment strategies are developed using a team approach for children as well as for adults who have movement deficits, balance, co-ordination and gait problems. Patient management is to be customized and is based on a detailed objective assessment.

Obesity or being overweight in modern times is like a cancer in society. It afflicts or will afflict all of us directly or indirectly as time goes by and the sad part is that, it is likely to increase exponentially if it is not seriously addressed – by us as well as society at large. Industrialization and now technology are major factors that have contributing significantly to the ascent of this malady to epidemic proportions.

Obesity is associated with a large number of debilitating and life threatening disorders, such as cardiovascular, metabolic and other non-communicable diseases.The causes of obesity include a variety of factors like diet, over indulgence in certain types of high-fat fast foods, genetic predisposition, lack of physical activities and other behavioural factors. Furthermore, it is strongly linked to our current life style – both in urban and sadly, rural areas as well. Grossly, the caloric intake far exceeds caloric expenditure.

Physiotherapy in its committed endeavour to combat this epidemic has started a unique program to address this problem comprehensively. Its experienced team of physiotherapists, endocrinologist, physician and nutritionist offers customised weight management plans including weight loss techniques, dietary plans, exercise programs, yoga and behaviour modification. We are well equipped with various equipments like treadmill, cross trainer, static bicycle, etc. 

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